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Fishing in Brittany, France

Brittany has some of the best fishing rivers and lakes in France, as well as something like a third of France's coastline, giving a great variety for keen anglers.

Fishing Permit

Fishing permits can be bought for a day, two week or annual period, and will cover fishing in the whole department. So if you buy a permit in Morbihan, you can fish throughout Morbihan. In addition you can also pay an extra fee to upgrade your permit to cover all of Brittany. The two week fishing permit used to only be available during the summer months.....it is now available all year round!

An option is to pay an extra 15 Euros and you'll be able to use your fishing permit in almost everywhere in France. (a list of participating departments will be made available asap.)

For information on fishing rivers and fishing lakes in Brittany see below

Adults Under 16's Under 10's
Day Fishing Permit 10€ N/A N/A
Two Week Fishing Permit 30€ N/A N/A
Annual Fishing Permit 64€ 24€ 1€
EHGO Label
(allows fishing in all of Brittany)
15€ 15€ 15€

There are some extra charges and regulations when fishing for Salmon we'll post this information up soon.

Where to buy your fishing permit in Morbihan (near Pontivy)

Ardent Peche
ZI de Tréhonin Le Sourn BP84
Tel: 02 97 25 36 56
Maison De La Peche
Ile des Récollets
Tel: 02 97 25 39 06
Cafe Du Manoir
27 Avenue Liberation
Tel: 02 97 38 31 12
Cafe Le Pellican
7 Rue Théodore Huet
56480 Cleguerec
Tel: 02 97 38 01 03
Cafe Des Sports
Le Bourg
Tel: 02 97 27 60 03
L'Anse De Sordan
anse de Sordan
Tel: 02 97 27 52 36

This information is correct to the best of our knowledge, it is provided only as a rough guide. We can not be held responsible for any loss confusion etc caused by any mistakes we may have. It is advisable to check permit details etc. yourself.


Where to Fish in Brittany, France

Brittany has some of the best fishing rivers and lakes in France, as well as something like a third of France's coastline, giving a great variety for keen anglers.

Fresh Water River Fishing

Rivers like the Blavet are vastly under utilized. There are very few boats using the Blavet and river side access is excellent. The river is of a fairly consistent depth and width making it ideal for match fishing or fishing festivals.

The table below shows the main fishing rivers in the Morbihan department of Brittany, listing the relevant fish species that can be found in each river with a column to indicate the abundance of those fish ('3' indicates a very abundant fish whereas '1' indicates that the fish is present but not necessarily in huge numbers).

River Systems Rivers Towns Fish
Fish Species
Bassin de la Vilaine La Vilaine La Roche Bernard 3 Gardon, Tench, Breem, Carp, anguille,
3 Zander, Brochet, Perch
L'Oust La Gacilly, St-Martin, Malestroit, Ploërmel, Josselin, Rohan 3 All Course Fish
2 Zander, Pike, Perch
L'Yvel Ploërmel, Mauron 1 Trout
Le ninian Ploërmel, Truite du Porhët 1 Pike, Perch
L'Aff La Gacilly, Quelneuc, Guer 2 Zander, Other Course Fish
L'Oyon Guer 2 Trout
La Claie Malestroit, Vannes, Ploërmel, Locminé 2 Trout, Pike, gardon, Vandoise, Tench
L'Arz (1st Category) Gaule de Lanvaux, Questembert, Vannes 2 Trout, Pike
1 Course Fish
L'Arz (2nd Category) Gaule de Lanvaux, Glénac 3 Pike, Course Fish
Le Sedon Josselin 2 Trout
Bassins Côtiers Le Loc'h Auray, Grand-Champ 2 Trout, Course Fish, Pike
Le Tohon, Le Kervily Questembert 3 Trout
Le Liziec, Le Meucon Vannes 3 Trout
Le Kergroix Auray 3 Trout (Fario et de mer)
1 Salmon
Le R. Du Pont Du Roch Lorient 2 Trout (Fario et de mer)
1 Salmon
Le Sal Auray, Vannes 1 Trout, Course Fish, Predators
Bassin Du Blavet Le Blavet Lorient, Baud, Melrand, Pontivy 3 Gardon, Breem
2 Zander, Perch, Other Course Fish
1 Pike, Trout
2 Salmon (en aval)
1 Sea Trout (en aval)
La Vieille
Rivier de St Aignan
Pontivy 3 Trout, Course Fish, Predators
L'Evel Baud, Locminé 3 Course Fish, Pike
1 Trout
1 Salmon (en aval)
Le Tarun Baud, Locminé 3 Trout
La Sarre Melrand, Guéméné 3 Trout
Le Brandfout Melrand 3 Trout
Le Sebrevet Lorient 3 Trout
Le Kersalo Lorient 3 Trout
Le Temple Lorient 3 Trout
Bassin du Scorff Le Scorff Plouay, Guéméné 3 Trout
2 Salmon
1 Pike, Course Fish
Le R. de Sauveur Plouay 3 Trout
Bassin du L'Ellé La Laïta   2 Trout, Salmon
L'Ellié Entete du haut Ellié 3 Trout
2 Salmon, Pike, Course Fish
Le Naïc Entete du haut Ellié 3 Trout
L'Inam et son affluent le ruisseau du Duc Gourin 3 Trout
2 Salmon
Le Langonnet Entete du haut Ellié 2 Trout
Le Rozo Entete du haut Ellié 2 Trout
L'Aër Guéméné, haut Ellié 3 Trout
  Canal du jonction Pontivy, Rohan 3 Predators and Course Fish

For Carp Fishing in Brittany please see www.blavetvalleylakes.com


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