Chateau des Forges des Salles

Near to the Lac de Guerledan, in the heart of the Foret de Quenecan, the iron and steel making villages of Forges des Salles, is a remarkable evidence of Brittany’s past during the 18thC and the 19thC. Around the house of the Maitre des Forges and around the terraced gardens, are grouped La Rangee des Forgerons, the workshops, le haut-fourneau, the school, the chapel, the forge, the Buraue de Paye, which were re-equipped in the traditional way and fitted with a video lounge, models all explaining the functions.


With its ramparts built in the 14thC and 15thC, La Tour du Connetable, the medieval town, the Saint-Piere Cathedral, the museum of Les Beaux-Arts, the Prehistoric Museum, Vannes forms a unique architectural grouping.

Domaine de Kerguehennec

The Domaine, property of the “Departement”, is a sacred meeting place between history and inheritance. The Centre of Contemporary Art presents a collection of sculptures in the park (170hectares). Exhibitions in the 18thC Chateua and the surrounding area.

Chateua de Rochefort-en-Terre

On the site of a medieval fortress dominating a little town of character, the chateau the property of the “Departement”, exhibits pictures and collections of the former owners, the American painters Alfred and Trafford Klots. A visit to the newly opened museum will complete your visit. As ell as permanent exhibitions there are also temporary displays.

Parc de Branfere

An unforgettable walk among the animals roaming freely in a several times hundred year old botanical park, around the Chateau of Branfere. The visit is made by foot, a picnic area has been especially made near the entrance to the park.

Musee de La Vilaine Maritime

The museum de la Vilaine Maritime, is situated in the chateau Des Bassess-Fossess, historical building of the 16thC and 17thC, housed on two restored levels, collections dedicated to maritime customs and traditions and the estuary of Vilaine. Objects, photos, scenes and audio-visual contribute to recreate the atmosphere of the life on the river at the beginning of the century.