Aquariums Zoos

Aquarium, Vannes

Plunge into an exceptional collection of tropical fish.. an enchantment of colours, shapes and poetry.  Meet real predators like piranhas, sharks or the famous Nile crocodile found in the sewers of Paris.

Jardin aux Papillons, Vannes

All around you, hundreds of exotic butterflies fly freely, gather nectar and breed among luxuriant plants and rare flowers. You can feel, hear, touch and explore the tropical world.

Insectarium, Lizio

It is a meeting place for the mysterious insect world. You will find out what an insect is, you will meet insects – man’s helpers, engineers and architects; species used as pedalogical tools, species living all around the world; inects and their relatives: praying mantis, goliaths, trap-door spider, scorpios, centipedes.

Oceanopolis, Brest

Europe’s premier Ocean Discovery Park. You will be able to explore every sea on earth within an entire day. There are 3 pavilions with temperate, polar and tropical aquariums where you will be able to see feeding and diving shows. There are 10,000 different animals to be seen.

Tropical Park, St Jacut-Les-Pins

Go around the world among animals and exotic plants. Discover the marvels of Asian art in a park of 8 acres and over a 1000 square metres covered area. 3.7 million litres of aquariums and animations to dream, to learn, and to enjoy yourself. Southern hemisphere penguins, a scientific base, real pack ice— the polar pavilion will help you explore the remotest seas on Earth. Sharks, the Caribbean Sea, the Great Barrier Reef, the tropical pavilion will help you discover the world’s most beautiful underwater scenery. In the temperate pavilion, the seals, the kelp forest, the touch pool and many other aquariums will reveal the multiple aspects of the seas in Brittany.

Parc de Prehistoire de Bretagne, Malansac

Brittany’s Prehistorical Park is set in a twenty hectare wild, wooded setting, which dotted with five spectacular lakes, plus ancient wells and slate quarries. You can see 30 life-size scenes of people and animals. First come dinosaurs in their geological period-dimetrodon, stegasaurus, tyranosaurus. Then human evolution will unfold, from our most distant ancestor Homo erectus, Brittany’s first inhabitant (500 000 years BC), to the people who erected the menhirs, or standing stones (around 2 000 BC) During the visit, all the explanations are translated into english.

Branfere Animal Park

In the 18th Century, an amateur botanist created the park with rare plants to enable you to voyage through the world of nature. Branfere is a haven for an eclectic mix of easy going wildlife, which coexist harmoniously in delightful surroundings. Visitors can wander among the wallabies, storks, lemurs, zebras, flamingoes and many more creatures.